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GLSCC Viper Chassis Club Car Parts List

Last updated on 1 month ago
The Saw

1. ***GCC Viper brass chassis ***
2. 15x8 CB Design front wheels // or any other type your choice
3. Quick Slicks CB33Z front tires // or any other type your choice
4. ***15x11 CB Design or other manufactured aluminum rear wheels ***rule change 5/21/24
5. ***Quick Slicks CB48 F or XF rear tires ***
6. Slot it 3/32 51mm 0r 54 mm axles // or any other type 3/32 axle
7. ***Slot it 9 tooth pinion ***
8. ***Slot it 28 tooth crown gear (Yellow) ***
9. Front and rear brass or bronze axle bushings (any brand) NO bearings
10. Motor screws
11. Guide flag, braids and nut (weighted type nut allowed)
12. ***Predator motor short can 25K PRD130-25 ***
13. ***Any 1:32 scale hardbody model kit or slot car body that fits will be allowed.

Axle bushings may be installed loose, soldered or glued.
Leaving front bushings loose allows changing wheelbase for different bodies.
Motor installed with screws only. No solder or glue.
Body to be attached with Velcro or pin tube mount. 6/8/24
Must have an interior with driver, plastic or vacuum formed.
Lead wires may be soldered to guide flag clips & motor.
Any weight or lead added must be on the topside of the chassis.
Tires may be trued or coated but may not affect ride height.
Tires may not protrude from any wheel opening more than 3/32”.
No hollow axles.
Entire bottom of chassis must clear .063 on a tech block.

*** 6- Items marked with asterisk must be used no substitutions ​***

This set up could be used for multiple classes by just changing bodies.
Many 1/32 scale model kits are available to make different classes.
Pony cars, Muscle cars, Nascar, GT or DTM etc. and will accommodate many Carrera and Scalextric bodies as well as many others.

Refer all questions and inquires to George.(Racer X)
George, did you get a message from me? It doesn't look like it was sent.
My other questions aside. Will this ever be run as a points series? If so, you should either make the rear tires open or CB48XF only as the firms are no longer available.
The Saw
Rule #13 body rule added 5/17/24.
The Finger
I've had "Staff Wright" 15 x 11 rears on mine. Why can't I keep them?
Shhh, keep your head down, I don't think anybody will care.
The Saw
Note rule change 5/21/24.
The Saw
Pin tube mount rule added 6/8/24.
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