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Last updated on 2 months ago
The Saw
Doors open at 4, Racing at 6:00.

1. NC1 Open
2. Monogram Lola T70 Jack Rabbit motor & stock gears
4. Pioneer Legends

1. Jim
2. Gary
3. Big Larry
4. Kurt
5. Ramcat
6. Finger
7. Bubba
8. Jimmy
9. Mike P
10. Rich
The Saw
NC-1 Open: Any 1/32 plastic body and chassis may be used, Must use an NC-1 or NC-8 motor or Predator 12,500 rpm motor. Any gears, any wheels and tires. You may lighten the chassis as much as you choose. The body must remain intact, you must run an interior, driver and steering wheel minumum, lexan is fine.

JGTC Cars: Japanese Grand Touring Cars. See box stock definition.
Box Stock – (these rules apply to all classes of car unless otherwise specified) All classes allow you to: use silicone rear tires, true front and rear wheels and tires, add lead, remove front axle slop(up and down and side to side without modifying the chassis), remove rear axle slop (side to side), change braid and lead wire, coat the front tires, glue in the motor, glue in the bushings, create chassis rock, you may tape or glue the motor pod to fix or limit travel.
JGTC Cars: Japanese Grand Touring Cars? I have not raced this class before. Can i get a better idea of what cars qualify? Whats been raced in the past? Would the Slot IT Nissan Skyline DTM, or the Scaley Honda Civic BTCC car fit the list? How about the new RevSlot Datsun 510? Would the newer inexpensive Policar 'CT' series Subaru, Toyota cars qualify. I have wanted a reason to build an '80s Nissan Skyline GT-R JDM model kit with a donor chassis. Any info appreciated. Looking thru some old posts on the GLSCC facebook page and found that NSR Moslers were being run in JGTC? More confused.
After reading: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/All_Japan_Grand_Touring_Car_Championship
It looks like more of a Super GT class. Moslers, Mclaren F1, Vipers, Mercedes CLK, GT1 cars etc... or am I gong in the wrong direction?

Right direction....got a call from Gary to confirm. Super GT class it is.

T-70 motor: ? NC-1 12.5K FC130 or equivalent Predator, BWA, Jack Rabbit, etc. NO FF-50.....Right?
The Saw

ramcatlarry wrote:

@ramcatlarry - IN

T-70 motor: ? NC-1 12.5K FC130 or equivalent Predator, BWA, Jack Rabbit, etc. NO FF-50.....Right?

Ramcat, what does it say?
BWA if you have one, NC-1, or Predator 12,500.
The Finger
Most likely
I'm in.
Sofa King
I'm pretty sure, I'll give it my best shotCool
I will be there. Sorry for the late response.
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