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70+ feet of wood, plastic and steel

Last updated on 15 years ago
Press Release: 5/2/08
After weeks and weeks of cleaning up years and years of stuff out of a basement in a small southwestern suburb, a new racing venue emerges . . .


Stay tuned for more on (not moron) the latest track for old guys racing little plastic cars in their basements.

Four-lanes of fahrfegnugen baby
This a great shot of an empty suburban basement, frivolously filled with 2x4s, plywood, plastic, steel rails and some really cool red felt. It's actually a giant, mega, super-sized craps table, we're just telling the wife it's gonna be a "slot car track". And, as long as we leave a little room in the corner for the washer and dryer, we're good to go.

D'you smell that? . . . I love the smell of traction compound in the morning . . . smells like . . . victory.

More to come . . .

The Saw
Well almost. Progress is being made.

One thing's for sure, snapping those little clips on the bottom of the Carrera sections is a pain in the a$$.

Straightaway looks to be over 10 feet ending in a 6' radius 180 for the initial layout. Test laps so far are showing this to be a real driver's track with a nice mix of radii, short chutes, sweepers and tight corners. Lane lengths should be equal with overpass and make for some great side by side action.

Next week the software and power supply gets ordered. More to come.

The Saw
More Photos! Where's the poker table?
As per Gary's request, here's another view of Schlottenhausen Schpeedvay minus all the elevations and mild banks that are scheduled for construction next week.

Well now that our track is done were gonna have to have a specal race at bolth tracks and then see how both tracks are and isn this at jims house or yours Allen? also our simmilar layout is on toys4slots web site!

also maybe jim and you all can make it to our French conection NC-1 RACE!
CALL ME!!!!!!!!!!


So come out any tuesday or saturday if you guy need any info camm me(Eric AT (630-723-1228)
"IT'S FRIGGIN FUN DAMMIT"-Bolingbrook Speedway!
It's been a slow march toward the completion of Schlottenhausen, but it's still moving forward. With vacations and the birth of a grandson, everyday life seems to seep in and take away those precious, but limited slot car work hours. The Trakmate software and controller hook-ups actually get ordered today. We'll be finishing the detailing, like walls, barriers, making all the borders match, painting, etc. and then move to the wiring a.s.a.p. Here's another shot to keep everyone interested.

Exiting under the curved overpass into the last 150 degree turn before the front stretch.

Almost time for the 1st race!

It looks like the 7/11 race currently scheduled for Shinneppaho (Franks- Elgin) will be moved to Schlottenhausen Schpeedvay in Plainfield, but watch the events calendar for details. Here's a shot of the completed ramp-style 180 with retaining wall (@4" elevation) with the front straight in the left of the shot.

Maybe it's just me. Is this Jim's track or Allen's? I'm left to assume it's Jim's track that Allen has been helping him build?
Speed Racer
Yes this is Jim's track. I hope you like it. Ishould be getting the software today and then with a little (alot) of help from Frank, it should be up and runnig very soon. I couldn't have built the track without the help from Allen and Frank. Thanks guys!!! Racing at Schlotenhausen to begin soon.:)
My Friday's are a crap shoot again, so I can't say if I'll make it or not, but I don't know where to go. How about a PM with Jim's address, please?
Speed Racer
Hey Guys call me on my cell for directions to the track. 815-715-0236. Hope to see ya here!
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